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** Nominated for a 2014 New York Innovative Theatre Award for Outstanding Original Music for Happy Few Theatre Company’s production of AS YOU LIKE IT. **

You Can Come See My Work In…

THE LION IN WINTERwritten by James Goldman, directed by Eric Peterson
Composer & Sound Designer
September 25-October 11, 2015
@ Oldcastle Theatre Company. Bennington, VT.

RICHARD IIIdirected by Jon Croy and starring Hamish Linklater & Lily Rabe
Actor & Live Music/Sound
October 10 @ 2pm, 2015
@ Shakesperae & Company. Lenox, MA.

THE SKIN OF OUR TEETHwritten by Thorton Wilder, directed by Aimee Michel
Music Director/Sound Designer & Assistant Director
November 12-14 @ 7pm
@ The McConnell Theatre at Bard College @ Simon’s Rock. Great Barrington, MA.

THE WIZARD OF OZdirected by Sean Fagan
Music Director
December 3-17, 2015
@ Theatre Institute @ Russell Sage College. Troy, NY.

Alexander is currently on faculty at Renaissance Arts in Great Barrington, MA, teaching theater and music classes to children of all ages. Alexander also teaches ukulele and guitar at Berkshire Music School in Pittsfield, MA.

You Just Missed Me In…

THE HOW AND THE WHY – written by Sarah Treem & directed by Nicole Ricciardi
Composer/Sound Designer
May-July, 2015
Shakespeare & Company. Lenox, MA.

THE MOTHER OF THE MAID – written by Jane Anderson
World Premiere Production directed by Matthew Penn
Composer/Sound Designer
July-Sept, 2015
Shakespeare & Company. Lenox, MA.

HENRY VI, Part II – directed by Tina Packer
Composer & Music Director
May & June, 2015 @ Actors’ Shakespeare Project
@ Modern Theatre at Suffolk University.  Boston, MA

NATIONAL PASTIME – directed by Hunter Foster
Violinist in Pit Orchestra
April 2015
Bucks County Playhouse. New Hope, PA.

Cummin’s & Scoullar’s THE LITTLE PRINCE – directed by Kim Martin-Cotten
Music Arranged & Performed Live by Alexander Sovronsky
Presented by Hang A Tale Theater Co
February & March 2015
The Pearl Theatre Co.   NYC.

HONOR, SHAME, AND VIOLENCE: A Shakespeare Anthology Projectadapted & directed by Tina Packer
Original Music & Sound Design by Alexander Sovronsky
January 2015
Boston College. Boston, MA.

THETIS: IMMORTAL FIRE an original dance piece created by Kristin Wold
Original Music & Sound Design by Alexander Sovronsky
Dec 2014
Shakespeare & Company. Lenox, MA

A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM – directed by Tony Simotes
Composer/Sound Designer & Music Director
& Francis Flute/Thisbe

June-August 2014
Shakespeare & Company. Lenox, MA.

“Alexander Sovronsky, in his capacity as composer and music director, is pivotal to the success of this production. He plays clarinet, ukulele and violin. Additionally, he is coordinating musical contributions from Malcolm Ingram (ukulele), Robert Lohbauer (drum and washboard), Jonathan Epstein (trombone), and Merritt Janson (accordion and guitar). These are not minimal. The music permeates immediately and the strong seasoning of New Orleans emanates from and through the songs.”

“We both loved the music, composed by the multi-talented Alexander Sovronsky.  In addition to acting as composer, music director and sound designer for this production, he also plays an hilarious Francis Flute who in turn is cast as the leading lady in Pyramus and Thisbe.”

“Alexander Sovronsky as Flute whose awkward femininity makes him a winsome and winning Thisbe.”

HENRY IV PARTS I & II – directed by Jonathan Epstein
Composer/Sound Designer & Music Director
& Mortimer, Peto

August 2014

Shakespeare & Company. Lenox, MA.

“As he did for Midsummer…, Alexander Sovronsky has composed the musical score, designed the soundscape, and acts as Music Director, as well as performing several roles, participating in both the comic horseplay and the combat scenes, and playing a couple of instruments on stage. And he does it all really well too.  I am impressed!”

SHAKESPEARE’S WILL – directed by Daniela Varon
Composer/Sound Designer & Music Director
May-August 2014
Shakespeare & Company. Lenox, MA.

AS YOU LIKE ITdirected by Ellen Adair
Composer & Music Director
& Le Beau, Amiens, & Phebe
an exciting & music-filled production by Happy Few Theatre Company
April 2014
@ The TheaterLab – 357 West 37th Street (3rd floor), NYC.

** Nominated for 2014 New York Innovative Theatre Awards for Best Ensemble, Best Revival, and Best Original Music **

“The music—much of it original, and performed live—is fun and folksy, as well suits the goings-on.  It was strangely familiar: as though it transcended time.”
-Boston University’s Clarion

“The Happy Few Theatre Company, in their inaugural production, with a small budget and an overabundance of creativity, put on a gutsy, highly enjoyable As You Like It. They are all masters of their craft.”

“And who could help but be tickled by the comedic and eccentric Alexander Sovronsky! … The whole cast brings alive the beauty of Shakespeare’s words with clarity and passion.”

Bands That I Play In:

Alexander performs on a Cricket Violin created by The Magic Fluke Co. & uses a Lucchi Cremona Bow.






You Can Own Me On Video:

CYRANO DE BERGERAC, directed by David Leveaux
starring Kevin Kline, Jennifer Garner, Daniel Sunjata, Chris Sarandon, Euan Morton & John Douglas Thompson
I wrote/arranged/performed the live music with Lucas Papaelias & Fred Rose
The smash hit of the 2007-2008 Broadway season is now available on DVD!

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