Here is a sampling of the type of music that I play & write.
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Alexander performs on a Cricket Violin created by The Magic Fluke Co. & uses a Lucchi Cremona Bow.

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Thetis – ‘The Duet’

original music from Kristin Wold’s dance piece, THETIS, presented at Shakespeare & Co in the winter of 2014. Written & performed by me.

Henry IV – ‘Use My Legs’ Jig

original music written & performed by me (violin, percussion) and Sam Ponder (cornetto, trombone) for the 2014 production of HENRY IV Parts 1 & 2 directed by Jonathan Epstein at Shakespeare & Company.

Midsummer Night’s Dream – ‘The Mechanicals’

original music written & performed by me (ukulele, clarinet, percussion, trombone, guitar) for the 2014 production of A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM directed by Tony Simotes at Shakespeare & Company.

Shakespeare’s Will – ‘Summer Fairs’ & ‘Farewell Dear Love’

original music from the 2014 production of SHAKESPEARE’S WILL directed by Daniela Varon. Written & performed by me.

As You Like It – ‘Blow, Blow, Thou Winter Wind’

from Happy Few Theatre Company’s production of the play in NYC in April 2014.  Written & performed by me.

Henry VIII – Dance Music!

compilation of some original dance music written and performed by me for the 2013/14 Actors’ Shakespeare Project production of HENRY VIII directed by Tina Packer.

Henry VIII – ‘Was Once A Queen…’

original music to accompany Queen Katharine’s final scene in which she has a startling vision.  Created for the Actors’ Shakespeare Project 2013/14 production of HENRY VIII directed by Tina Packer.

Henry VIII – ‘Cardinal Wolsey’

Created for the Actors’ Shakespeare Project 2013/14 production of HENRY VIII directed by Tina Packer.

The Three Musketeers – ‘Come To Me Soon’

From the 2013 production of THE THREE MUSKETEERS at Connecticut Repertory Theatre directed by Tony Simotes.  Text from the play, music by me.  Vocals performed by Briana Maia. Guitar and Viola performed by me.

The Three Musketeers – ‘The Queen’s Diamonds’

Incidental music from the 2013 production of THE THREE MUSKETEERS at Connecticut Repertory Theatre directed by Tony Simotes.  All instruments performed by me.

It’s Only A Paper Moon

An original arrangement for 2 voices, ukulele and violin. Performed by me with added vocals by Josie Wilson ( Featured in the 2013 production of LOVE’S LABOUR’S LOST directed by Lisa Wolpe at Shakespeare & Company.

The Simple Heart

From the album, THE ODD SEA by Sully & The Benevolent Folk.  I play violin on this track.

The Passionate Shepherd to his Love

My original song using adapted lyrics from Christopher Marlowe’s poem with guitar/vocals performed by me.

Twelfth Night – ‘Come Away Death’

My original version of Feste’s song, ‘Come Away Death’ from Shakespeare’s play. Ukulele/vocals performed by me.

Edith Wharton’s ‘The Quicksand’

The opening music from The Wharton Salon’s 2013 production of the play, directed by Catherine Taylor-Williams.

Bottom Of The World – (compilation)

This medley is from a production at The Atlantic Theatre Company that I did in the fall of 2010. The music is a mixture of original tunes and arrangements of traditional bluegrass songs. It features me on violin/mandolin and Bennett Sullivan on banjo/guitar.

Les Liaisons Dangereuses – (compilation)

Here is a medley of some music that I composed and recorded for the 2010 production of LES LIAISONS DANGEREUSES at Shakespeare & Company, directed by Tina Packer.  It features performances by me on violin, viola, flute and other various instruments.

Cyrano de Bergerac – ‘Roxanne’

This is an original arrangement of theGavotte by J.B. Lully.  It was featured in the Broadway production of CYRANO DE BERGERAC, which was was musically directed by Fred Rose (cello), Lucas Papaelias (guitar) and myself (mandolin).

Duchess of Malfi – ‘My Love Again I’ll See’

This was written for a staged reading of Brecht’s version of the play at the Red Bull Theatre Company in 2010, directed by Ian Strasfogel. In this short song from Act II, a soldier sings of his love back home. Both the guitar and the vocals are performed by me.

Limbo – film score

Original music for violas from the short film, LIMBO, written & directed by Mark Finguerra in 2010.

Bit by Bit

written and performed by Benjamin Brinton, with me improvising on violin. This song was recorded live and contains adult language.  Copyright 2008 Benjamin Brinton.

The Saddest Poem

by Pablo Neruda.  Music written and performed on violin by Alexander Sovronsky.  Spoken by Nigel Gore.  I wrote this for a special performance by a poetry/music group called Aurea at Shakespeare & Company during the summer of 2009.

“Nicholas Was…”

Original audio version of NICHOLAS WAS… by Neil Gaiman. Sounds created with metal sheets, metal chairs, drumsticks, glass bottles half-filled with water, and a violin. And yes, that’s my voice on the recording with no audio modifications. I hope you like it.


This one, by Alexander Sovronsky, is beautiful, less illustrative and more meditative.

-Neil Gaiman


“Fiddler On The Roof” – NBC TV Appearance