THE GLASS MENAGERIE, directed by Julie Boyd
Barrington Stage Company, 2018

“Alexander Sovronsky’s musical score, deftly played by violist Susan French, is superb. Mr. Sovronsky, who created the music for The Cake earlier this season, is a rare find as a composer of mood music which truly enhances a production.”
-The Westfield News


HOMEBODY, directed by Jeffrey Mousseau
Ancram Opera House, 2018

“Sovronsky’s original music, featuring Middle Eastern strings and percussion, is mesmerizing.”


THE CAKE, directed by Jennifer Chambers
Barrington Stage Company, 2018

“Alexander Sovronsky provided a balanced and nuanced music score and sound design, something he’s also done for WAM Theatre’s The Last Wife, and Hartford Stage’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. His work is worth checking out in upcoming productions of Sister Mary Ingnatius at Berkshire Theatre Group and The Glass Menagerie at Barrington Stage.”
-The Westfield News

“Alexander Sovronsky’s music is, as usual, lovely.”
-Berkshire Bright Focus


TYPHOID MARY, directed by Matthew Penn
Barrington Stage Company, 2018

“The incidental score, music box-like, by Alexander Sovronsky, is both unique and genuinely of the period of the play and is most effective.”
-The Berkshire Edge


A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM, directed by Darko Tresnjak
Hartford Stage, 2017

“Alexander Sovronsky’s beguiling music manifests grace and mastery.”
-The Berkshire Eagle

“Alexander Sovronsky’s music score accompanies the play superbly.”
-The Westfield News

Scarlett Strallen, a Broadway and West End musical theater star, sings an enchanting song at the finale, [composed by Alexander Sovronsky].” 
-Hartford Courant

“In addition, there is wonderful music played throughout the show, composed by the richly talented Alexander Sovronsky.”

“From the opening of the play with an orchestral flourish to Titania’s closing song (which was sung magnificently by Ms. Strallen) the emotions and excitement on the stage simply do not stop….The moments of music (composed and [music] directed by Alexander Sovronsky) that appear at various points in the evening are beautiful, especially the aforementioned song by Ms. Strallen and the cast.”
-Broadway World


AS YOU LIKE IT, directed by Matt Pfeiffer
Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival, 2017

“Alexander Sovronsky steals numerous scenes as Amiens, the musical leader of Duke Senior’s merry men; besides his admirable singing and playing, he also provides an excellent foil for Ian Merrill Peakes’ moody Jaques, rounding out their banter with gentle amusement.”


THE THREE MUSKETEERS, directed by Rick Sordelet
Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival, 2017

“The music and sound design by Alexander Sovronsky (who also plays the musketeer Aramis) is dominated by the sounds of a thrashing string quartet. As those title characters, Zack Robidas, Alexander Sovronsky and Ian Merrill Peakes make a solid trio.”

“The Musketeers have chemistry akin to the Three Stooges. They are not that silly, but they are that in tune with each other. Their word play is as natural as their swordplay is skilled. There’s no orchestra, but music is added through some onstage instrument playing and singing by the cast, including one fantastic bar scene in which the main characters all play instruments. In other scenes, Sabine is adorable as she plays ukulele, and Aramis also shows off skill on the ukulele with a very good voice.”
-The Morning Call

“Sovronsky doubled as part of the production team, composing and directing the music and creating the sound design. All of these added elements of surprise to the show and exhibited the musical talents of the cast.”
-Reading Eagle


THE IRISH…AND HOW THEY GOT THAT WAY, directed by Danielle Paccione
Bucks County Center for the Performing Arts in PA, 2017

“In this musical, three women and three men sing, act, dance, and play multiple instruments. Part of the fun is watching them alternately playing one of more than 20 instruments including a piano, various strings, flute, different types of drums, and other percussion instruments.  [The cast includes the] charmingly handsome Alexander Sovronsky who plays even more instruments, he told me, than we see him play on stage.”


KING LEAR, directed by Jenny Bennett
American Shakespeare Center @ The Blackfriars Playhouse, 2016

“Albany [is played by] Alexander Sovronsky, in a portrayal of deep earnestness.”


HAMLET, directed by Celeste Moratti
Teatro Circulo in NYC, 2016

“Alexander Sovronsky is first-rate as the Prince of Denmark. He is intriguing, affable, unpredictable, humorous, dangerous. Even Hamlet plays the violin, which in that single gesture creates another aspect of Hamlet I have never seen explored, Hamlet the artist, the entertainer.”

“This is a very Hamlet-centric production, with the young prince passionately played by Alexander Sovronsky…expertly acted.”


CYRANO DE BERGERAC, adapted by Alexander Sovronsky, Rick Sordelet, and Gabriel Barre
Theatre at St Clements in NYC, 2016

“With this fabulous new production of Cyrano de Bergerac,the golden age of  the American theatre is alive and well at the Theatre at St. Clement’s. Directed by and starring Tony Award-nominated actor (for Best Actor) Gabriel Barre, this production of the Edmond Rostand classic is a classic itself. I’m positive that the late Jose Ferrer, who I knew personally and well – and who practically set the modern-day standard for the title role in his 1950 film — would have graciously taken off his own white-plumed hat in admiration to the acting and production.”

“There is a great deal of music in this production, composed by Sovronsky and beautifully played and sung by the cast.”

“The music in this production, composed by Sovronsky is beautifully played and sung.”


HENRY IV, PARTS 1 & 2, directed by Jonathan Epstein
Shakespeare & Company, 2014

“As he did for Midsummer…, Alexander Sovronsky has composed the musical score, designed the soundscape, and acts as Music Director, as well as performing several roles, participating in both the comic horseplay and the combat scenes, and playing a couple of instruments on stage. And he does it all really well too.  I am impressed!”


A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM, directed by Tony Simotes
Shakespeare & Company, 2014

“Alexander Sovronsky, in his capacity as composer and music director, is pivotal to the success of this production. He plays clarinet, ukulele and violin. Additionally, he is coordinating musical contributions from Malcolm Ingram (ukulele), Robert Lohbauer (drum and washboard), Jonathan Epstein (trombone), and Merritt Janson (accordion and guitar). These are not minimal. The music permeates immediately and the strong seasoning of New Orleans emanates from and through the songs.”

“We both loved the music, composed by the multi-talented Alexander Sovronsky.  In addition to acting as composer, music director and sound designer for this production, he also plays an hilarious Francis Flute who in turn is cast as the leading lady in Pyramus and Thisbe.”

“Alexander Sovronsky as Flute whose awkward femininity makes him a winsome and winning Thisbe.”


AS YOU LIKE IT, directed by Ellen Adair & Eric Gilde
Happy Few Theatre Company, 2014

“The music—much of it original, and performed live—is fun and folksy, as well suits the goings-on.  It was strangely familiar: as though it transcended time.”
-Boston University’s Clarion

“The Happy Few Theatre Company, in their inaugural production, with a small budget and an overabundance of creativity, put on a gutsy, highly enjoyable As You Like It. They are all masters of their craft.”

“And who could help but be tickled by the comedic and eccentric Alexander Sovronsky! … The whole cast brings alive the beauty of Shakespeare’s words with clarity and passion.”


HENRY VIII, directed by Tina Packer
Actors’ Shakespeare Project, 2013-14

Alexander Sovronsky’s orchestrations are perfect. From the moment the play begins, Sovronsky’s music transports and elevates the play with his soaring original compositions with recurring themes and motifs worthy of a soundtrack. The work perfectly transitions and accents the majestic and turbulent times of King Henry VIII’s court.
-My Entertainment World

Composer Alexander Sovronsky draws on the musical style of the age for his vivacious score.
-Edge Boston

…an effective, period-setting score by Alexander Sovronsky.”


THE THREE MUSKETEERS, directed by Tony Simotes
Connecticut Repertory Theatre, 2013

the music [is] something to cheer about.
-Daily Campus


HAMLET, directed by Celeste Moratti
Teatro Franco Parenti (Milan, Italy), 2013

“…a great Alexander Sovronsky…”


VOLPONE, directed by Jesse Berger
Red Bull Theater Company, 2012

“Exceedingly giddy.”

Talented Performer

“Adding to the light-hearted feel of this production are a trio of singing, comically-costumed, accomplished actors who play Volpone’s private entertainment squad: a dwarf, a eunich, and a hermaphrodite (Alexander Sovronsky).”
The Associated Press


THE INNER HOUSE, directed by Normi Noël
The Wharton Salon, 2012

“Alexander Sovronsky’s sound design and original score did much to transport me not only the short distance to The Mount itself, but also to the sidewalks of post-Civil War New York City, to Newport, Rhode Island, the battlefields of France, [and] the streets of Paris”
-Berkshire On Stage


AS YOU LIKE IT, directed by Tony Simotes
Shakespeare & Company, 2011

“The period flavor of the production is heightened by Alexander Sovronsky’s Django Reinhardt-style score, whose highlight is a finger-snapping version of ‘It Was A Lover And His Lass’ that sounds just enough like ‘Fever’ to make you grin with recognition and delight.”
-The Wall Street Journal

“Music director and sound designer Alexander Sovronsky has flexed his musical genius to enhance Shakespeare’s story.”
Curtain Up

“Sovronsky also provided the sound design, among the best I’ve recently heard.”

“Hats off to composer Alexander Sovronsky!
Arts Fuse


THE HOUND OF THE BASKERVILLES, directed by Tony Simotes
Shakespeare & Company, 2011

“Brilliant. Bloody Brilliant.”
Berkshire On Stage

“Alexander Sovronsky has created a musical ambiance that truly enhances the play.”
Berkshire Bright Focus


BOTTOM OF THE WORLD by Lucy Thurber, directed by Caitriona McLaughlin
The Atlantic Theater Company, 2010

“Two excellent musicians supply bluegrass music, evocatively used to add emotional coloring to various scenes.  Live music is a rare and appealing luxury at a modestOff Broadway production like this.”
The New York Times

“The director does a good job of integrating the haunting music, played by Alexander Sovronsky (on fiddle and mandolin) and Bennett Sullivan (on banjo and guitar), into the action. But I wish the actors’ work matched the subtlety of the musicians’.”
-The New York Times

“The most agreeable element of the show proves to be the live, thoroughly charming, bluegrass music.”
New Jersey News Room

“Evocative rustic music.
Talkin Broadway

“Superb musicians.”

“A soulful two-man bluegrass band.


FIDDLER ON THE ROOF, directed by Bruce Lumpkin
The Walnut Street Theatre, 2010

“[Alexander Sovronsky is] a fine musician and vivid stage presence.”
-Philadelphia City Paper

“when [Alexander Sovronsky’s] bow hits the strings, magic happens.”
-Delaware County News Network

“Sovronsky’s play[ing]…will rend many a heart.”
-The Philadelphia Inquirer

“[Alexander Sovronsky’s] passion is heartfelt.”
-Philly 2 Philly

“…the masterful playing of Alexander Sovronsky…”
The Central Recording

“…a multi-talented actor and musician…is very impressive.  His presence throughout adds an enriching dimension to the production.
Chestnut Hill Local

“…a fine actor… Sovronsky successfully handled the Fiddler’s enlarged stage time, adding a mysterious, authentic presence to the nonspeaking role, and often directly channeling or mirroring Tevye’s emotions.
On Off Broadway


THE LIBERTINE, directed by Eric Tucker
The Fools’ Theatre, 2010

“composer Alexander Sovronsky has designed a beautifully florid original score.”
-NY Theatre


LES LIAISONS DANGEREUSES, directed by Tina Packer
Shakespeare & Company, 2010

“Alexander Sovronsky’s period-flavored incidental music is as pointed as a dagger.”
-The Wall Street Journal


ALL’S WELL THAT ENDS WELL, directed by Tina Packer
Shakespeare & Company, 2008

Of all the musicians, Alexander Sovronsky stands out for his versatility, playing guitar, mandolin, violin, tin whistle, ocarina, and bamboo flute with equal ease.”
-Gail Sez